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Ground renovation of SPC flooring

SPC flooring is becoming more and more popular in people's lives. SPC flooring is green, healthy, environmentally friendly and also very easy to install. Ground renovation with SPC flooring is simple. The advantages are as follows:

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1. SPC floor directly on the tile saves the trouble of leveling

We all know that it is necessary to level the ground before the SPC flooring is laid, but the process of leveling is quite troublesome and time consuming. It was originally found before the tiles were laid, and the SPC floor was directly laid on the tiles. On the other hand, it saves the process of leveling, which is relatively simple and easy.

2. Saved a lot of labor and materials costs

If you want to pick up the original tiles and then re-lay the SPC floor, it is quite time-consuming and labor-intensive, mainly because the cement mortar is used when laying the tiles, although it may be due to the long time, some are off, but if It’s not an easy task to really pick it up. How many workers do you need? If you just figured out this step, you saved a lot of labor and materials!

3. It is easier to refurbish after damage

When choosing the floor, it is best to choose SPC floor. Generally speaking, the tile has a certain thickness. If the wooden floor is laid, it may be super high, so choose a thin SPC floor at this time. There will be no problem that the ground is too thick, causing the door to be closed. Even if there is a problem and you want to fix it, it will be easier to retrofit later.

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