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How to choose kindergarten floor?

click vinyl floor

1. Feet feel comfortable, can give people a warm feeling;

2. Surface UV treatment, anti-pollution, easy to clean;

The production of kindergarten floor surface after UV treatment.UV treatment of the benefits of the main is the floor surface light bright, the main is in the kindergarten PVC floor daily care very easy.

3. Green environmental protection, formaldehyde-free, inhibit the growth of bacteria;

In this era of advocating low-carbon environmental protection, children are the hope of our parents in the future, in the SPC flooring environmental protection I plant in strict accordance with the provisions of the national regulations of production and processing, kindergarten flooring products Green environmental protection, formaldehyde-free, more good to inhibit the growth of bacteria.

4. Encounter soaked stains, good anti-skid, prevent accidental injury;

Our kindergarten floor in the actual use encountered soaked stains, wear and anti-skid, more able to prevent accidental fall and bump.

5. Color pattern rich, to meet the actual needs of personality;

JUSTUTOP SPC Kindergarten Floor surface pattern color variety.

6. Good fire performance, reach B1 level;

JUSTUTOP SPC Kindergarten Floor Fire rating is B1 class, B1 class simple understanding is fire performance on the second only to stone. JUSTUTOP SPC Kindergarten Floor fire-retardant, will not release toxic gas.

7. Has a good noise reduction effect.

JUSTUTOP SPC Floor, also known as elastic floor, in use can effectively play the role of sound-absorbing noise.

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