A spc flooring pavement sharing by a customer from a partner

A spc flooring pavement sharing by a customer from a partner

It has been a week since the last time I bought the spc floor. Up to now, there is another bed in the house that can accommodate people. I said before that the pictures should be printed after laying the spc bottom board. I have been dragging it without drying. This time I found a few pictures from the phone, let's take a look at it together.
I still want to talk about the paving process of the floor. Record it and make a reference for those who read this article. I bought UTOP SPC flooring locally, and I think it is quite cheap. Spc floor paving is easy, but it is still recommended to find someone to shop. Because of the actual operation, the time and experience paid are more than just the price of a beautiful sewing. In summary, paving is easy, but dirty, tiring and time-consuming.
But the process of paving the floor is still very pleasant, because I don't know anything, so I am happy.
The overall paving effect is good, and it is almost as I thought, the picture is more obvious than the color contrast of things, in fact, it is not as clear as black and white. The picture below is the restaurant. There are not many floors, but the feel is not bad.

spc floorspc floor

The picture above is a corner of the master bedroom. It is a long and simple table where you can write and write.

Below is the living room, now there is only a sofa, coffee table, TV cabinet, nothing else.

spc floor

Let's look at some pictures of the door below, I feel okay.

spc floorspc floorspc floor

The master who installed the door was not bad, and talked a lot, but in the end, if you ask him to help, just throw away the trash.

So far, there are still wardrobes in each bedroom, two air conditioners, two beds, a toilet, and a washing machine companion, but I have already bought it and it is expected to be delivered the day after tomorrow.

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