Before paving floor heating, must the floor be leveled first?

Recently, friends who follow our Facebook platform account have left a message for consultation: their house is an old house and needs to be redecorated, but the ground level is poor. If it needs to be leveled, it may cost tens of dollars per square meter. Find the master of the HVAC company. Looking at it, they said that it is possible to lay the floor heating directly without leveling the ground, so I asked whether we need to do leveling before installing the floor heating.

We are here to formally answer: of course it is definitely needed.

ground leveling

The requirement of floor heating for ground flatness is within 2 meters of height difference of 5 mm. Some friends may not have much concept of ground flatness. Today I will explain to you how important ground flatness is to the laying of floor heating.

If the ground is uneven, what may be the impact on the floor heating?

①It may cause the ground to collapse

You can view the photo of the second decoration site in the picture below. Due to the poor ground level, the owner did not level the ground, so there is a large gap between the insulation board and the ground after laying.

In this case, if it is not handled properly, after the furniture and other heavy objects enter the site, the ground is very likely to collapse in the void area, and the owner will cause serious losses.

ground leveling

②It may lead to increased energy consumption of floor heating

It may be more common in life that the ground is indeed flat, but there are many water and electrical pipes arranged on it, which will directly affect the installation of floor heating.

ground leveling

When installing floor heating, in order to avoid these pipes, it is necessary to make a lot of cutting on the insulation board. Therefore, a large number of seams are generated in the insulation layer, which is equivalent to a down jacket with air leakage. The insulation effect will naturally be reduced, which directly increases the energy consumption of floor heating.

ground leveling

Under what circumstances should the ground be leveled first?

Generally, the newly-furnished new houses that have just been delivered can meet the standard of floor heating installation, and there is no need to do leveling. It is necessary to pay attention to the following two situations:

①The construction site of the second decoration

Most of the houses renovated for the second time have experienced the process of prying the floor tiles, and the ground is likely to be uneven, so it is recommended to do a leveling first.

ground leveling

②The construction site where the line and pipe go to the ground

If the line pipe is not slotted and pre-buried or walks on the wall, then it also needs to be leveled.

ground leveling

Special attention should be paid to home decoration and hidden works. Although it is invisible after decoration, it will directly affect the comfort of life. It is recommended that you pay attention to it.

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