Benefits of floor chamfering

In modern life, wooden floors and composite floors gradually enter our lives. Many families and public places have this floor. We often see gaps of different sizes between these floors , which is caused by chamfering.


Professional flooring person will know that even the best quality flooring will swell under high temperature and humidity. If there is no chamfer, the expansion will cause the floor to swell, affecting the appearance and the service life of the floor. Therefore, it is necessary to chamfer the floor.

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So what does the gap caused by these chamfers do?


If the floor has no seams, it is easy to upwarp. In addition, the uneven ground will cause the foot to make a squeaking sound, affecting life. At this time, we need to increase the seam, there will be no sound. The reason is caused by friction at the joints of the floor, but if there is no seam in the whole, it is adjusted here, and there is sound in other places, because there is no room for adjustment.


If the chamfer is too large, a larger gap will result. Such a gap will store dust and other substances in life, and it will directly increase the difficulty of cleaning the floor. Once used for a long time, the floor will no longer look neat and beautiful.

The Micro chamfered floor will highlight its advantage at this time.

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