Bring home the UTOP SPC Floor

The epidemic is like a giant gray net, spreading in every corner of the city, cutting off roads and closing the city, shutting everyone at home, and the home at this moment builds more meaning and value. In the face of invisible viruses, a healthy home environment has brought hope and support to people who are trapped at home.


The proportion of the floor in the home is second only to the wall. Therefore, in a healthy home, the floor is the most important thing. The quality of the selected floor has a great impact on the environmental protection, safety and the overall decoration effect of the indoor environment. UTOP SPC flooring is a quality product that has passed SGS testing. It always adheres to the concept of health and environmental protection, and is made of new materials and real materials. And one of its most important features is environmental protection and health. The main reason is that the adhesive component is mainly used in the processing process.

vinyl floor

It is made by high-temperature pressing of polymer resin and natural stone powder, without using glue. Its unique glue-free locking installation method completely gets rid of the limitations of traditional paving. The installation process is very convenient. You can DIY installation when you buy it home, and there is no need to use glue during the installation process. It truly does not release formaldehyde.

lvt floor

If there are children, elderly people, or family members who like to walk barefoot on the floor, then let's lay the UTOP SPC floor! Its wear-resistant layer has special anti-slip properties, it is astringent when exposed to water, and it is not easy to slip; at the same time, the warm and moist SPC floor can also bring a comfortable foot feel, and the hardness is moderate, with good elasticity and skin-friendly touch. Above, the temperature, touch, and foot feel are very soft and comfortable.

The texture of the color film layer of UTOP SPC floor is realistic and natural, with solid wood feel, thick and moist, and very fashionable. When you are tired, open the door to the house. The natural and fresh floor can make you and your family relax and enjoy.

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