Caramel-colored floors make life better

The autumn wind is gradually rising, the color is reincarnation at this moment, whether it is fashion or home, the most classic and fashionable color scheme is the warm caramel color. This is the rich autumn and winter meaning. The color tone firmly locks the exclusive mature sense of the deciduous season, which reminds you of the heat. mellow marshmallow dipped in hot coffee clever altogether sweet, and extremely advanced degree of recognition.


Even a small amount of caramel color, a lot of space left blank will bring full and full of visual dopamine to create a deep-rooted autumn fashion with the warmth index of the audience.

The caramel color floor is very fashionable, and the texture is elegant. This color floor can be described as the home floor “matching master” to adapt to various home styles.

Especially warm in autumn and winter, the home is covered with such a floor, the whole space is filled with a warm atmosphere.

The earth color can neutralize the seriousness of caramel color and combine the right calm and elegant preference. The home of the cold wind may wish to concentrate the caramel color, refine and sublimate. For example, a layered side, a chandelier can still be refreshed and blurred.

As the color of the fashion circle, this gentle and comfortable trend is long-lasting. If you don’t use the filter, you will have a beautiful caramel color. Have you arranged it?

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