Causes of floor warping and solutions

In general, if the PVC plastic floor is not well adhered, there will be various problems. Some are uneven or bulging. Once the bulging is repaired as soon as possible, it will accelerate the collapse of the floor. Let ’s face it today. The reason for the drum is made with an introduction.

1. Wet expansion and deformation:

①Stone plastic floor due to improper use, kitchen or toilet faucet or heating running water, make the stone plastic floor foam water for too long, the stone plastic floor glue will be emulsified and deteriorated, because the glue is not available, it can only arch. .

② In continuous rainy weather, the relative humidity in the air is too high, and no dehumidification measures are taken. The moisture in the air is absorbed and expanded by the stone plastic floor.

③ The house has been air-conditioned for a long time, there is no one living there, and the ventilation is poor. After the water in the stucco layer evaporates, there is no place for it to be absorbed by the stone plastic floor.

④ The moisture content of the base concrete is too high, and the moisture-proof insulation layer is not sealed and swells with moisture.

2. No expansion joint or too narrow:

When laying plastic flooring against the wall, a gap of 2 cm should be left as an expansion joint, and then covered with footboards. Some owners did not expand the joints as required when the stone plastic floor was paved for cleanliness, or Let workers keep it thin in the gaps. This can also make PVC stone plastic flooring impossible to cut. After being affected by air, it will easily swell when it absorbs moisture and expands, and even the structure between the paint cracked wooden floor and the wall will not expand enough. .

3. The expansion joint is filled:

Some owners ask workers to fill the expansion joints with small pieces of wood, plaster, putty, or nail them with skirting boards, so that the floor cannot be deformed, causing the floor to arch.

4, room through shop:

When installing the floor in two or more rooms, there is no clip on the door cover. When the moisture or moisture penetrates, the floor line of the two rooms shifts horizontally, causing the doorways of the rooms to pull each other and arch the floor.

5, not segmented:

Stone plastic floor paving area is stretched or wide, and no segmentation measures have been taken.

6, there are foreign bodies:

During the installation process, if there are foreign objects left under the floor and the PVC plastic floor is not cleaned in time before it is safe, this will also cause the floor to arch.

7, floor arching:

The base of the stone plastic floor is arched. If the original floor has a solid wood floor before the plastic floor is installed, after the floor is installed, the original floor will be swollen by moisture, so the stone plastic floor will also arch.

8. Improper floor maintenance:

Often mop the floor with a vertical mop, causing water to seep into the ground.

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