Common problems and precautions in PVC floor construction

If you want to spread the floor beautifully, all rely on the floor construction stick!

PVC locking flooring has become a popular new building material on the market, but improper construction will seriously affect the aesthetics and service life of PVC flooring.


The following are several common problems.


First, when installing the PVC floor, any expansion gap is less than 1 cm, especially when the door side and corners and concealed parts are paved, the expansion gap or the saw board is roughly estimated, so that any part of the floor is in contact with the fixed object. As long as any part of the floor is in contact with the fixed object, the force and reaction force will occur, partially or completely arched, and in severe cases, the joint cracks or warpage will occur.


Second, the completion of the cement floor is less than three months, or the completion of the three months, but the doors and windows of the room are closed, not ventilated, not ventilated, and the humidity is too large. In this case, the PVC floor may take a little longer to appear. Arching or seam cracking and warpage.


Third, before installing the PVC floor, although the geothermal heating room has done the heating experiment, but the geothermal construction unit did not reach the highest temperature in order to deliver the work as early as possible or save money, and did not continuously observe the changes in the ground temperature. The experiment was stopped so that a large amount of moisture and warm air did not come out. After the local board was laid, once the heat was supplied again, the moisture and humidity that could not be emitted suddenly increased. Or even after a complete experiment, the geothermal temperature after the paving is not gradually increased, but is raised in place at one time, so that the moisture, moisture, and heat generated by the extreme temperature increase to the limit temperature may cause the floor to arch or Cracking and bubbling.


Fourth, after installing the PVC floor, you will not live in the room for several months, and the doors and windows will be closed for a long time, so that the indoor air does not flow and the humidity is not enough. Especially in the winter and summer seasons, the "buggy board" in this environment may produce arching and cracking.


Fourth, during the winter installation, due to the increased water absorption of the floor and the reason of the "hibernation" of the PVC floor, the floor was not placed in the installation room for more than 12 hours in advance for temperature adaptation and "freezing and awakening". After the floor was laid for a period of time, cause problems.


Sixth, during installation, the floor is not staggered and stacked, especially the floor seams are not completely sealed with self-adhesive tape, so that moisture can escape from one place. In this case, the seams are either cracked, bubbling or warping. This is the most common and prone situation.


The floor is beautiful, covering hundreds of ugliness; the construction is ugly, ruining everything. No matter how beautiful the floor is, improper construction will also have a great impact on the overall effect, so you must pay attention to avoid these problems during construction!

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