​Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of oak floor

Advantages and disadvantages of oak floor? Advantages of oak flooring: environmental protection, no pollution, made of natural solid wood, no glue, no formaldehyde, no pollution, no substances or gases harmful to human health, can absorb some ultraviolet light, alleviate eye fatigue, and is beneficial to human health. Advantage 2: durable. Each floor is made of a whole plate, without adding any wood-based panel components, and without any splicing. Its water resistance, compression resistance, and wear resistance are very good, so that the floor will not be threatened, which can be said to be renewed over time. Advantage 3: This is the most attractive part of multi-functional oak flooring, especially for families with children and the elderly. It has a good function of adjusting indoor humidity and temperature, and has the characteristics of heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, sound absorption, good insulation, creating the most comfortable rest environment for home life. Advantage 4: beautiful and comfortable. The surface of oak floor is only coated with a layer of varnish, so its natural log texture is clear, soft and atmospheric; Walking barefoot on the oak floor has a certain elasticity, which can ease the weight load of footsteps and is beneficial to health. Disadvantages of oak floor: it is expensive and difficult to deal with. Everything has two sides, and it is impossible to be perfect. So is oak floor. There are not many oaks in China, so most oak floors use imported oak, so its price is also very expensive. The moisture must be completely removed during processing, otherwise it will be deformed after half a year of use. However, because the oak wood is hard and has high strength, it is difficult to deal with.

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