Conditions for SPC Flooring installation

3. Preparing your floor before installation is one of the critical steps that you should never miss. In fact, this very first step affects a lot in ensuring a long-lasting and professional finish. So let’s get started with some of the important things to watch out while getting ready.

1. Ensure that the flatness of floor is within 1mm, otherwise it will cause the floor surface to be uneven after finishing.
2. If the flooring's not flat, you should pour self-balancing cement before installation.
3. When the wall's not flat, it will cause distance between floor and wall. It is advisable to use cement plastering, after installation if complete or can be replaced with skirting board.
4. If you don't use skirting board, you should install SPC plank near the wall, then tiling or decorating interior, to avoid distance between floor and wall. With this installation, you need to put protection layer to ensure surface flooring after finishing.
5. If using skirting board, you should install the last SPC plank which is next to the wall to avoid damaging the floor surface.

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