Considerations of wall panel installation

1.Drainage ventilation

Wall panels cannot be installed directly on the wall and must be installed on the keel to ensure adequate drainage and ventilation between the wall panels and the wall. The ventilation between the wall panel and the wall should not be less than 25 mm.

When fixing the plate, all the screws must be pre-drilled and then drilled vertically into the plate at a right angle of 90 degrees. The screws cannot be tilted without pre-drilling.

2.Wall panel buckle

* Use water-soluble wiping pens, rulers, and lines to temporarily draw reference lines. Do not draw lines with non-wiping pens to avoid stains on UTOP products.

* Special screws for plastic wood flooring must be used. Please use a small UTOP floor to test the screw effect in advance. Unsuitable screws can cause protrusions on the floor surface of the nailing.

* Please contact your local hardware store or building materials center to purchase the appropriate screws for plastic wood flooring, or contact a professional manufacturer to purchase the recommended screws.

3.Adaptation to the environment

UTOP wall panels are recommended to be stored for more than 2 days before installation to accommodate local temperatures. Avoid possible shrinkage.

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