Dear Teacher, thank you for all your hard work!



An extremely noble profession

Any gorgeous words

Can't describe your greatness

Any touching words

Can't describe your lofty


Chalk in your hand

Becomes a magic wand for spreading knowledge

The podium under your feet

Became a Sacred temple

Where there is your footprint

All over your students


I can graduate from campus

But will never graduate from your teachings

Although it is many years away from campus

But your voice still rang in my ears

Your figure still comes to my mind

Your teachings are still in my heart 


It is no exaggeration to say

Every teacher we met

Is like a torch in our lives

Burning his youth

Illuminate our way forward


Teachers are not only teach us knowledge

But also a friend who accompanies us

Is the backbone of our motherland


And today is your holiday

[UTOP Flooring] pay high tribute to you

Send sincere greetings and blessings 

Dear Teacher, thank you for all your hard work!

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