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Decoration material strategy | What is the difference between SPC stone plastic floor and traditional seamless floor?

The three major flooring options for home decoration today are solid wood, ceramic tile and seamless flooring (also known as fiber flooring); among the three, seamless flooring has the shortest history. The SPC floor introduced today, also known as the stone-plastic floor, is a kind of seamless floor, because of its waterproof and simple installation, which also led to the rise of the spc floor industry.

spc flooring

What is SPC seamless stone plastic floor?

The original seamless floor is based on fiber wood, because it is beautiful in appearance but cheaper than solid wood floors, and the snap-in installation method is convenient for DIY paving, and occupies a seat in the market. However, it has a fatal flaw, that is, the moisture resistance is poor, and there will be problems of thermal expansion and contraction, and warping.

Therefore, seamless floors based on other materials have appeared on the market, including waterproof SPC stone-plastic floors and PVC plastic floors. So far, fiber wood flooring, adhesive seamless flooring and stone-plastic flooring have become the three major categories of seamless flooring.

SPC stone plastic seamless floor structure

SPC stone-plastic seamless floor is Stone Plastic Composite.

Except for the base material, the structure of stone-plastic floor is similar to other seamless floors, there are mainly 3 layers. The surface is a wear-resistant layer, a transparent layer with a concave-convex texture, which provides texture and protection for the floor; the decorative layer in the middle layer is a piece of 'paper' printed with a wood grain pattern, and the pattern pattern of the floor comes from this layer.

The difference between the stone-plastic floor and other seamless floors lies in its base material. It uses mixed stone, PVC, stabilizer, etc. as raw materials to make the floor stable and waterproof.

In addition, according to different brands or styles, our UTOP stone-plastic floor has developed a UV layer and a silent layer, which are used to resist ultraviolet rays and stains on the floor surface, maintain the color of the SPC floor, increase the softness of the floor, and have a sound insulation effect.

Is the SPC stone plastic seamless floor good?

Affordable and easy to install

Waterproof and moisture-proof, easy to clean

The main materials of the stone plastic floor are lime minerals and PVC composite materials, which do not absorb water and have good waterproof effect. Easy to maintain and clean, it can be directly wet mopped for

cleaning, and it is also suitable for wet weather.

spc flooring

Wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, easy maintenance

The SPC floor feels hard to the touch, and the wear-resistant layer in the floor structure will protect the floor from wear and tear, so there is no need to worry about pets or scratching the floor, which is suitable for families with children or pets.

Material is not cold

Although the temperature is not as warm as solid wood floors, the overall feel is better than floor tiles. Different brands of stone-plastic floors have great differences in touch, which can be compared.

easy to repair

SPC floors are easier to maintain and repair than wooden floors and tiles. You only need to cut off the damaged part and then make up for a new floor (the clips need to be cut first). In order to facilitate future maintenance, it is recommended to reserve some floors for wear and replacement when purchasing.

SPC stone plastic floor can be directly DIY laid on tiles

SPC floor can be installed directly on any flat ground, including existing tiles. It is also this feature that makes the stone plastic floor more suitable for home renovation or rental renovation. However, if the ground is uneven, it is best to nail the bottom plate first and then lay the floor.

Because the snap-on design of the seamless floor is simple and easy to use, and there is no need to worry about the volatilization of formaldehyde when using glue, many people will install SPC flooring by themselves. When DIY, you should pay attention to the following matters:

The buckle position of the stone plastic floor is weaker than that of the glue seamless floor, and the edge is sharper, so be careful when laying

spc flooring

If the SPC floor does not have its own bottom cushion, it is best to spread the moisture-proof pearl cotton on the floor

If it is to be laid on the original tile or floor, a gap of more than 4-6mm should be reserved between the floor and the door, otherwise it will affect the closing of the door.

In addition to SPC flooring, wood-grain tiles are also popular for home flooring. The biggest difference between continental tiles and European tiles is not only the quality, but also the texture technology. For the arrangement of the floor, some people are very concerned about it, and some people don't care. For different arrangement methods, you can refer to a good decoration master's floor paving map, which is convenient for you to communicate with the decoration master on the design.

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