Difference between LVT and SPC floor

Difference between  LVT and SPC floor
Luxury vinyl tileStone plastic composite
StuctureDifference between LVT and SPC floorDifference between LVT and SPC floor
FeatureMainly made by recycle material. The production process and finished products have a large smell.Rigid plastic floor, European and American countries are called RVP.we use 100% virgin material
PriceCheaperhigher than LVT
Shrinkage0.08-0.15%                 ≦1‰ after Recovery treatment                                                                                                  ≦2.5‰ before Recovery treatment
WaterproofDon't be afraid of water, but can't touch the water for a long time, it is easy to raise or mildewsuper waterproof, could use for bathroom
Fire retardantB1B1
Advantage1. Environmental friendly
2. Super strong and wear -resistant
3. High elasticity and super resistance impact
4. Fire fire burning retardant
5. Convenient maintenance
6. Waterproof and moisture -proof
1.100%Environmental Protection Material
2. Simple Install
3. Waterproof
4. Fire retardant
5. Anti -Slip
6. Anti -Stranging
7. Anti -Auction
8. Heating
9. Easy to maintain maintenance
10. Various colors

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