Different spelling types of flooring

Use more thoughts on the floor paving method, there will be unexpected effects.

Following we will talk about the herringbone and fish bone spelling .

The combination of herringbone and fish bones is a bit silly on the surface. In fact, there is still a difference in the shape. In simple terms, the line in the middle of the herringbone is like a staircase, and the fish bones are A straight line, a closer look, it is easy to compare.

spc Flooring

                                    Fishbone Spelling                                                            herringbone 

There are three common herringbone collages: straight spell, single herringbone spell  and double spell.

1. straight spell


The process is the simplest in the three herringbone collages, and the material consumption is relatively small.

2. Single herringbone spell

spc flooring from china 

A single herringbone spell is the easiest to see the word "person", and each floor is a complete rectangle.The single herringbone floor has strong visual tension and can add a sense of three-dimensionality to the original monotonous floor.

3.  Double spell 

spc Flooring

Understanding literally means that the two "people" characters are together, and different perspectives have different feelings.

The four long strips of wood are placed at a 90-degree angle, and the lines are more abundant.

4.Fish bone spelling


Looking at the whole, like a fish bone; from a technical point of view, the fishbone collage is more complicated.

It is necessary to cut 45 degrees on both sides of a complete plate to achieve the effect of aligning the middle seam during splicing. To cut, of course, the loss is more and the relative cost is higher.

This splicing effect is neat and regular, and it also looks advanced.

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