Do you know spc flooring?

At present, there are many types of floors on the market. Common floors include wooden floors, bamboo floors, ceramic floors, and so on. Many people have never heard of spc flooring. In fact, spc flooring uses natural marble powder to form a solid base layer with high density and high fiber network structure, and then it is covered with a super wear-resistant layer. Hundreds of processes are processed and manufactured.

Nowadays, many owners will use spc flooring when decorating, mainly because of its green environmental protection. The spc floor uses natural stone powder as the raw material and does not contain any radioactive elements. It is a green and environmentally friendly floor decoration material, which meets people's environmental protection requirements for home decoration to the greatest extent.

spc flooring

There are many types of plastic flooring, which can be divided into square profiles and strip profiles from the shape, and can be divided into homogeneous and transparent sheets from the structure. Multi-layer composite sheet, semi-tongzhi transparent sheet. The spc floor is very light and thin, the general thickness is only 2-3mm, and the weight per square meter is only 2-3kg, which is less than 10% of the ordinary floor materials, which is beneficial to the load-bearing and space saving of the building.

There is a transparent wear-resistant layer on the surface of the spc floor, which makes it have super abrasion resistance, so the spc floor has a very wide range of applications. It can not only be used for home hall decoration, but also can be used in hospitals, schools, office buildings, etc. Public places. In addition, the stone plastic floor also has high elasticity and super impact resistance. The spc floor is very elastic, and the excellent spc floor can minimize the damage to the human body from the ground.

spc vinyl flooring

In addition to the above advantages, plastic flooring is also very beautiful. The surface of the spc floor is very smooth and the texture is realistic and beautiful. It is called a model of new high-tech materials in the 21st century. You can choose suitable colors and patterns according to the actual needs of home decoration.

Through the above description, everyone has a general understanding of spc flooring in detail. At present, spc flooring is widely used in home decoration. If you are interested in spc flooring, you can consider choosing a suitable spc floor on the market. 

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