Do you know these interesting New Year's Day stories?

Cup and plate fragments for friends

On the eve of New Year's Day, every household must collect the broken cups and plates and secretly send them to the door of a friend's house in the dead of night. On the morning of New Year's Day, if the more debris piled up in front of someone's house, the more friends he has, the New Year must be lucky.

nwe years story

Women sitting on the city bench

On New Year's Day, West Germans have to perform a comedy of women's seizure of power. In many places, women rushed into the city hall, broke into the mayor’s office, sat on the mayor’s office chair, and expressed that they would take over the power of the mayor.

nwe years story

Throwing bottles and cans and throwing basins

In some places in Italy, at midnight on New Year’s Eve, it is very unsafe if you walk on the road, because at this time people will throw some old bottles, jars, basins, etc. out of the house and smash them to show the old and the new.

nwe years story

Drink all the remaining wine for good luck

Before the arrival of the New Year, every family must drink up all the remaining wine at home, so that many people get drunk. They believe that if there is surplus wine at home on New Year's Day, bad luck in the new year.

nwe years story

Eat grapes in the middle of the night

The Spanish reunite with their family on New Year's Eve. At twelve o'clock, the church bells are used as the sign to eat grapes. Every time the bell is struck, one must eat one grape, and 12 consecutive grapes must be eaten, which means that the coming year will be smooth sailing.

nwe years story

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