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flooringSolid wood flooring is divided into:

Pure solid wood flooring

Parquet flooring

Pure solid wood flooring is also called raw wood flooring. It is formed after drying and processing natural wood. Because it is a floor processed directly from raw materials, in the inherent impression, solid wood flooring has low formaldehyde content and is more environmentally friendly, so it is deeply loved by the people.


○ Advantages: The solid wood floor has a natural wood texture, which is closer to nature and has a natural feeling. The biggest advantage is that it is warm in winter and cool in summer, and it is comfortable to the touch.


○ Disadvantages: complex maintenance, not only need to prevent moisture and dryness, but also not wear-resistant, easy to lose luster, easy to deform, afraid of acid, alkali and other chemical corrosion.


The price of solid wood flooring varies, but compared to solid wood composite flooring, the overall price is more expensive. Some solid wood flooring made of more expensive woods are available with a price of several thousand.


One more thing to note is that because the laying of solid wood flooring requires keeling, this step will incur additional costs, so the overall calculation is that the price of full solid wood flooring must be supported by good economic strength


How to maintain solid wood flooring?

What is the most fear of solid wood flooring, the most fear of humidity, because of the southern climate, it is actually not suitable for laying solid wood flooring, but if you want to install it, you need to know some maintenance knowledge.


Be sure not to directly touch the floor while the mop is still dripping. An overly humid environment will cause drastic changes to the floor. When the air humidity is high during the rainy season, you can use the air-conditioning dehumidification function to restore the floor to a dry state.


In summer, ultraviolet rays are strong. Avoid prolonged exposure to the floor, and avoid premature aging and cracking of the floor.


The solid wood floor is not wear-resistant. Try not to wear heeled or hard shoes at home. If there are children at home, pay attention to whether the children’s toys will damage the floor. Be careful not to drag when moving tables and chairs. Solid wood floors Very soft, it is easy to cause potholes, and can be carpeted for effective protection.


Solid wood flooring needs to be waxed once every six months. Waxing can not only prevent moisture and damage, but also increase the gloss of the surface of the wood floor. The floor bulged due to long-term use needs to be adjusted at least once a year.

How to judge the quality of solid wood flooring?

Many friends who choose solid wood flooring will think that the heavier the quality, the better. In fact, this understanding is wrong.


Even if it is the same kind of wood, the difference in growth area and environment will cause its density and weight to be different. It is not advisable to use weight alone as a criterion for judging the quality of the floor.

For example, teak, as one of the common raw materials, has a low density and will feel lighter when you hold it in your hand. Why is the price of flooring made of teak as a raw material generally high? It is not because of its high density and sufficient weight, but It has extremely high stability and corrosion resistance. It can be seen that a really good floor cannot be judged by one aspect.

When we choose solid wood flooring, we must comprehensively judge from many aspects.



The texture is clear and regular, not messy. A good solid wood floor will be more in line with the appearance characteristics of the original wood, whether it is color or wood grain, if the surface paint is thicker, it is likely that the merchant deliberately did it in order to cover up the wood defects.


Whether there are cracks

Some small cracks will exist more or less, especially in the low-end solid wood flooring, but the particularly obvious big cracks are definitely not good, especially some cracks will penetrate the texture of the wood, such obvious defects must not be selected.


For the quality of the floor, we need to pay attention to its stability, corrosion resistance, texture and appearance. It is a comprehensive reference from many aspects. Don't be fooled by the businessmen using the rhetoric of "weight and hardness".


Is pure solid wood flooring suitable for underfloor heating environment?

The fastest way: consult with the clerk

Traditional solid wood flooring is not recommended for floor heating, and now there are solid wood floors dedicated to floor heating.

The baking of geothermal heat will cause the floor to be deformed due to drying. Therefore, you will face the problem of re-adjusting the solid wood floor every year, which involves the loss of time and money.


Previously, it was not recommended to install floor heating in homes with solid wood flooring. If you really want to install floor heating, you can choose solid wood composite or laminate flooring. Some use solid wood flooring for floor heating, but actually use solid wood composite

Is pure solid wood flooring necessarily zero formaldehyde?

This subtitle may cause dissatisfaction among a lot of people. Many people spend a lot of money to choose solid wood flooring because of its natural and environmentally friendly zero formaldehyde. But in fact, wood contains formaldehyde, but good wood has lower formaldehyde content. .


Solid wood flooring may have lower formaldehyde emissions than other composite flooring, but it does not mean that it does not contain formaldehyde at all.


Any wood will be processed before it is finally shaped, and formaldehyde is only one of the "pollution sources". When decorating, it is the benzene and xylene in the glue used for bonding and processing that are more harmful to the human body.

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