Does laminate flooring contain formaldehyde?

Laminate flooring is a kind of wood-based panel. Many people use laminate flooring in their homes. But few people know that laminate flooring has formaldehyde. Is formaldehyde serious? 

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Laminate floor is a kind of composite floor. It is composed of four layers of materials and is very wear-resistant.  However, the phenomenon of formaldehyde exceeding the standard has also appeared in the laminate floor.

Laminate flooring is an artificial board pressed with glue. Now the glue will contain formaldehyde, It is normal for laminate flooring to have formaldehyde.

The third layer of the laminate floor is the base material layer, which is a high-density board. It is made after the logs are crushed, filled with glue, preservatives, and additives, and processed by a hot press at high temperature and high pressure.

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