During the office decoration, it wise to choose the SPC flooring!

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The office represents the company's external image. The choice of decoration materials should not only pay attention to practicality, but also design, so in recent years, the use of SPC flooring was increasingly popular.


Vehicles, shopping malls, offices, cinemas, exhibitions, all can choose SPC flooring as paving materials, then how to choose the right office flooring?

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First of all, it depends on whether the flooring is Eco-friendly.


People are the most important property of the office. Whether the office decoration materials are eco-friendly affects people's physical and mental health. Choosing eco-friendly decoration materials will make employees more aware of the humane care of the company and improve office efficiency.


Flooring as the most representative decoration material, generally even the light decoration environment will inevitably do the flooring decoration, so the environmental protection of the flooring is very important.


The office flooring of UTOP is formaldehyde-free, benzene and harmful heavy metals. It has passed the flooring score US indoor air health emission standard certification, CE international safety certification and many other international standards. The TVOC (indoor organic volatiles) test result is 96 μg/m3. , only one tenth of the national standard.


It can be seen that UTOP SPC flooring environmental performance is trustworthy as an office flooring. By choosing such a flooring, employees no longer have to worry about harmful gases, and they can work more safely.


Second, we must look at the wear and sound absorption of the flooring.


As a public commercial environment, the use of the flooring is much higher than that of the ordinary household environment, so whether the flooring is used or not is a problem that needs to be carefully considered.


UTOP SPC flooring provides different wear-resistant layer thicknesses according to the flow requirements of different business environments. Some of the floorings not only use PVC wear layer with thickness 0.3mm, but also add special treatment to the surface of the UV coating. It makes stubborn stains difficult to adhere and makes cleaning and maintenance more convenient.


In general, the UTOP SPC flooring life can be as high as ten years or more, 5-8 times higher than the wear resistance of the same price. In addition, because the UTOP SPC flooring belongs to the elastic flooring, it also has a certain sound absorption effect, which can absorb the noise of the office high-heeled shoes and the wheel of the chair wheel. It is wear-resistant, easy to maintain, waterproof and moisture-proof, and has a good sound-absorbing effect. This UTOP SPC flooring is especially suitable for all kinds of office floorings.

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Third, UTOP SPC flooring is suitable for creating a variety of design styles.


Office decoration focuses on design, and it is very important to meet a variety of design styles for decoration materials.


At the beginning of the creation of UTOP SPC flooring, we have developed a series of products such as wood grain, stone grain, carpet pattern, etc.


UTOP SPC flooring is a new decoration material for modern office space.


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