Eight advantages of bamboo fiber wall panel

How to distinguish high quality bamboo fiber wall panel?

Nowadays, the wall decoration is not just a monotonous whitewash wall. Many people choose a more distinctive decoration when they decorate. One of them is bamboo fiber wall panel, which is a popular decoration in recent years. Combing novel technology with traditional culture to bring new colors to the family.

Today, let's take a look at the advantages and related introductions of bamboo fiber wall panels!

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First, the eight advantages of bamboo fiber wall panel

1. Green and environmental "0" formaldehyde (the room has no odor after installation, the formaldehyde content is lower than E0 level, it is a European-level environmental protection standard, ensuring the health of the family living environment.)

2. Fireproof and moisture-proof safety and worry-free (the product design completely considers the requirements of fire-retardant and flame-retardant, does not support combustion and has no open flame, and builds a barrier for family safety; at the same time, the product is completely waterproof and moisture-proof, especially suitable for wall decoration in humid environment in the south. , away from the wall leakage and mold troubles.)

3.Heat preservation, heat insulation (self venting hole, plus its unique design, can effectively block the temperature transfer between indoor and outdoor, warm in winter and cool in summer)

4. Variety shape (product design can be made and matched by the owner according to the actual decoration style, play the wall decoration DIY, realize the wall decoration personalized customization.)

5. Easy to clean (children can write and draw on the wall quickly and easily)

6. Impact resistance (high hardness, strong impact resistance)

7. Quick decoration (work directly on the rough wall by gun nails, 15 days to check in.)

8. Long life (bamboo fiber material life can reach 20 years)

Second, how to distinguish high quality bamboo fiber wall panel

1. From the color, you can distinguish the difference between bamboo and wood fiber wall panel. The plate is light yellow. There is no variegated color, no stars, no red, black and blue, and the surface is smooth, so it is high quality. If it is grayish black, Some black and white, the rough plate is so inferior.

2. High-quality bamboo and wood fiber wall panel can be fastened with buckles, nails can be used directly, the joints are tight, and the buckle groove is deep. Inferior quality can not be nailed, the card slot is also very shallow.

3. Let's look at the flexibility. If it is a real bamboo fiber board, the strength is also very good, and the flexible combination is durable on the wall. The inferior quality emphasizes strength, but no toughness, that is, there is added stone powder, but no bamboo powder and wood powder. The main manifestation of flexibility is the fiber in bamboo powder and wood flour. Although the stone powder has increased the strength, the product has become brittle.

4. The coated bamboo fiber board is not suitable for the floor at all, hope it is well known to customers and friends.

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