Epidemic drives decoration demand-Vinyl / Spc floor

The new crown is raging. At present, the spread of new crowns in most countries is very fast. The epidemic still affects people’s daily lives. Some countries have even adopted quarantine methods to curb the development speed of the new crown epidemic. At the same time, while the epidemic is raging, there are more People choose to work in their own homes and spend more than half of the time at home, so it is very important to choose a comfortable and suitable decoration style.

spc floor
Speaking of decoration, the floor is definitely indispensable, but how should we choose the floor on the market?

vinyl floor
Many buyers choose the floor and don’t know what style is right for them. They are more like buying the floor in the same way as the wind. But in fact, this is a very wrong approach. Choosing a good floor is very important and also for yourself. The practice of family responsibility!
You may wonder how the choice of floor is related to responsibility.
Because there are many black-hearted businesses, their floors are cheap, but the chemical cost exceeds the standard, such as formaldehyde, etc., which can cause great harm to the human body, especially the elderly, children, and pets.
So please allow me to recommend to you an environmental protection, pollution-free, fire-proof and waterproof floor.
spc 100% brand new raw material flooring.

UTOP manufacturing SPC vinyl flooring since 2014, the beginning period of SPC flooring developing.It is one of the first batch enterprises in this field.

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Compared with other floors, what are its advantages?
1. No pollution, no formaldehyde, completely environmentally friendly, the production process does not contain any radioactive elements. utop spc floor is CE, SGS, Floorscore certified
2. Waterproof and non-slip, so that your floor can be safely installed in the bathroom, kitchen, or swimming pool!
3. Fire prevention, it will automatically extinguish within 5 seconds after leaving the flame
4. Wear-resistant, many people may think that the spc floor is not wear-resistant, but in fact this is the biggest mistake. On the contrary, the spc floor has the advantage of super wear-resistant. [In order to dispel your worries, the following is our own office paved 5 The floor of the year without any damage]

spc floor
5. More than 200 colors for you to choose from, with wood grain, marble grain and weaving grain.

vinyl floor
6. We are from China-a country that is relatively free from the spread of the epidemic, and can guarantee the safety of our products.

Our spc floor may not be the cheapest, but we can guarantee that our quality is top in China, and we provide free samples! [From the confidence in our quality]
If you are interested in the spc flooring business, or want to consider a new high-quality supplier, please do not hesitate to contact us, we hope to help you develop a new field of market environment.

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