Evaluation results of WPC floor, SPC floor and laminate floor

The spc floor has poor resistance to temperature changes, is truly waterproof, has poor foot feel (some cork and eva pads are better, and the thickness written by some e-commerce merchants does not match the publicity), too thin, and environmentally friendly. Formaldehyde should not be available, because There is no glue component, at least it will never exceed the standard. But be careful that some small manufacturers have heavy metals exceeding the standard, and the spc floor has a chance of changing.

Wpc floor has poor resistance to temperature changes, is truly waterproof, has a slightly better foot feel, just right thickness, and is environmentally friendly.

As a consumer, don't be superstitious about advertisements. Even if you use E1-grade building materials in the whole house, the formaldehyde will exceed the standard, because the amount used is large! The only solution is to use less wood and glue, and more ventilation is the solution. If wpc and spc can solve the problem of tile change and foot feel, it is no problem to replace the laminate floor. After all, environmental protection comes first! Reduce wood and protect the environment.

Why choose these three evaluations instead of solid wood floors? In most areas in the south, the humidity is heavy all the year round, and the humidity can reach 60%-80% in many cases. The price of solid wood is expensive, and regular maintenance and waxing are required. Lower, but the foot feels good, looks natural and good-looking.

However, for areas with high humidity, the wooden floor is not well maintained for a long time, and various problems will not occur. The formaldehyde of composite floor is generally exceeding the standard at room temperature of about 30 degrees. If there is floor heating below, it will be even higher. (There are in the boss's evaluation, you can check it out if you want to know.) The waterproof performance is poor, there is a slight smell, and the wear resistance is good.

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