FAQ summary of SPC floor

1. A: Can it be installed in the floor?

B: Yes. Ideal for floor heating and cooling faster than other floor materials.

2. A: Can it be laid directly on the floor tiles?

B: Yes.

3. A: Can it be laid directly on the concrete floor?

B: Yes, as long as the cement floor can’t be sanded, the flatness can be directly paved. If the ground is not flat, you need to level yourself.

4. A: Does the ground have to be self-leveling before installation? Is it generally not leveling?

B: The basic requirements of SPC environmental protection floor are not too high. Generally, the leveling can be as long as it is flat. The difference between two square meters can’t be more than 2-3mm.

5. A: Do you need a moisture barrier? Is it necessary to use the baseboard? Do you want to use adhesive?

B: The principle does not require a moisture-proof pad. The back of the SPC floor has a sound-absorbing membrane. It is recommended to use a skirting line for the edge. The lock floor does not require adhesive.

6. A: Will there be water, drums, curls and shrinkage?

B: No.

7. A: Is there any smell on the floor?

B: No.

8. A: Will there be water leakage at the lock junction?

B: There is no problem with normal care. The bathroom can be easily treated with glass glue at the seam.

9. A: Will the furniture be placed on the top for a long time?

B: No, the compression test carries 2 tons without problems.

10. A: How is your foot feeling? Will it be particularly hard?

B: Good flexibility, not cold, better than the general ground material.

11. A: How about the sound insulation effect?

B: There is a sound insulation layer at the bottom, and the sound absorption and sound insulation effect is very good.

12. A: How to measure the number of square meters required in the room?

B: The space required for paving is X wide, and the net area plus 2-3% loss can be obtained.

13. A: How to install? What are the requirements for installation? How much is the installation fee?

B: Foreign countries buy their own installation, you can DIY yourself, you can also find the master of the paving wooden floor, the general installation fee is 10 yuan / square meter, the specific cities are not the same.

14. A: Can the kitchen, bathroom, balcony and basement be used?

B: Yes. Waterproof, stain resistant, oil stain, easy to handle.

15. A: Can the SPC floor be paved with herringbone?

B: Yes. Our company has researched the way of herringbone paving.

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