Features of UTOP wallboard

1 .Easy installation of spc wallpanel

Compared with ordinary decoration materials, the biggest advantage of spc  wall panel is that it is very convenient to install. Traditional wall materials need to go through multiple processes, such as painting primer, painting top coat, painting glue, etc., but the spc wall panel only needs one process, which is directly installed on the rough wall.


2. spc  wall panel is easy to clean

Wallpapers posted in our homes are scratched or white. Children often have poor self-control. They often use crayons and pencils to paint on the surface of the wall. Cleaning them is quite difficult. Seriously, they can only leave marks on them. So many friends have only renovated their homes for a year or two, but they ca n’t see the new indicators at all. If it is spc wall panel that will be very easy to clean ,don’t worry pencils or paint on it .

3.The spc wall panel is moisture-proof

Friends who live in a damp city know that during the spring, there will be a special tide in the room, water droplets appear on the wall, and the wall becomes moldy and damaged for a long time. But the spc  wallboard can stay dry all the time

4 spc  wall panel has sound insulation

The noise in the street and its influence affect our sleep. However, the test data proves that the sound insulation effect of the integrated wallboard is 2-3 times that of the ordinary wallboard, so that the quality of family sleep can be fully guaranteed.


5. spc wallpanel energy saving

After the decoration with integrated wall panels, the interior can be warm in winter and cool in summer.


6. spc wall panel is healthy  

It is the most important thing for our live. The raw materials used in this product are all environmental protection materials. The room installed as a whole has zero formaldehyde, zero radiation, green environmental protection, and can be installed and lived without smell, greatly reducing the occupancy time.

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