Fishbone deign & Herringbone design

In the floor industry of the past two years, “fish-bone design” and “herringbone design” are undoubtedly the new favorite of the net red level. With its high aesthetics and fresh and elegant style, it has been sought after by many designers and owners. Widely used in various spaces.

fish-bone flooring

Compared with the “herringbone design”, “fish-bone design” is more visually impactful. After the stitching is completed, it looks like a fish skeleton, which is called the “fish-bone design”, in the Nordic style and French style.

From the point of the installation process, the way of laying the fishbone shape is more complicated, because it is one step more than the ordinary flooring, and the two short sides of the floor need to be cut at 45°. The requirements for labor are also higher; From the loss of the flooring, the fishbone design loss is also more.

herringbone flooring

The laying method of “herringbone design” will make the floor twist and distribute, and it is named because it looks like a “person”. The advantage of the tiling is that it can enhance the three-dimensional sense of the space floor, and the loss does not increase much.The herringbone floor is lively and changeable, and it matches a lot of home styles. It is very popular.

However, this beautiful “herringbone design” appeared less in recently. This low-key luxury has a connotation of paving,which loved by the medieval European aristocracy, Many ancient European palaces are laid like this; The old Shanghai karaoke ballroom also use this design.

spc flooring

The herringbone spelling and the fishbone floor are similar to each other. In fact, there is still a slight difference in visual sense. The floor of the herringbone feels more casual and casual; the fish bones are more elegant. Therefore, if you need to create a relaxed atmosphere, you can use the herringbone design, and you can choose the fish bone design if you like elegance.

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