​Five methods of floor maintenance

The floor of the family is stomped every day, but maintenance is the easiest to be ignored. In fact, as long as you notice a little detail, you can effectively extend the life of the floor.

01. Keep the indoor humidity stable
The floor is not afraid of being too humid or too dry, but is afraid of impermanence of dry and humid, causing frequent shrinking and destroying the wood structure.
Therefore, the quality of the quality is strictly controlled at 8%-13%in terms of water content. The humid south is higher and the dry north is lower to balance the air moisture in the local environment.
The humidity in the north is large, and it is partially dry. The pure solid wood flooring is particularly easy to crack. It is suitable for composite floor with better stability, such as solid wood multi -layer, three -layer floor, SPC floor.

02. Keep indoor ventilation
Keeping indoor ventilation frequently can not only volatilize the chemicals in the floor as much as possible, and discharge outdoors, but also allow the humid air in the room to exchange with the outdoor. Especially in the long run, there is no residence and maintenance, the ventilation and ventilation of the room is even more important. The commonly used method is: often open the windows or door to make the air flow, or the air adjustment system and the air replacement system are used to create an dry and clean environment.

03. Clean up water in time
The floor also needs proper cleaning and care. In daily use, please clean the floor regularly to keep and hygienic.
When cleaning, clean the dust and debris with a clean broom, and then wipe it by hand with wear -resistant and water -resistant rags.
When you encounter general dirt, you can wipe off the dust first, and then wipe it with a thick cloth dipped in a stronger rag. Oil stains, paint, oil black, etc. that stay for a long time can be wiped with dedicated stain oil.
Finally, do not use powerful acid -base liquid to clean the wooden floor to avoid damaging the floor.

04. Avoid direct sunlight
On the floor of the tree, if it is irradiated with direct sunlight for a long time, the surface will be peeled off, and the wood will defore. Therefore, measures must be taken to prevent direct sunlight on the wooden floor.
Remember to close the window if you go out. For the southerners, the rainy season falls and storms, and it is not worried about the rain to wet the ground in the house; the season and return to the south can effectively block the humidity invasion. Essence
For the northerners, closing the window can avoid dust and sand on the floor of the room, otherwise they usually walk on the surface of the floor.

05. Put the furniture pad
Although the composite floor is very wear -resistant, especially the strengthening floor, except that it cannot be directly paved in the shower room, other can be abused by local tiles.
However, chairs and dwarf stools often moved in furniture, in the long -term use of furniture, inevitably cause friction loss to the floor.
Paste the furniture pads, which can protect the floor and eliminate noise.
And when you are mopping, it is best to twist the mop first and then use it. Because the mop is too wet, the water penetration into the seam to destroy the floor will deform the floor tilt.
Of course, we must develop good home habits in daily life, whether on the floor, the protection of home appliances and furniture

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