Floor covering method

1. The I-shaped floor covering method is the most common in home decoration, and 99% of households in China are basically this type of spelling.

The advantages seem neat and symmetrical, and the construction is simple, fast, low loss, and material saving, so it is loved by the masses.

The type of the letter itself is also divided into different spellings.The most common is the tiling method, which is divided into one-half and one-third.

One-half shop method The short-edge seams of the two floors are located between the upper and lower floors, which look like a type of work, all seams are interlaced.This kind of paving looks more rigid.

2. One-third of the shop looks like one-half.

Only the short side seams of the floor are located at the long side, located in the third of the upper and lower floors. The seams are stepped overall and look a bit more vivid.

Floor covering method.jpg

3. In addition to this, there is a type of 45° oblique paving method, which is similar. This method is more wasteful than tiling, but the overall effect of the shop is no longer a fair, more visual.

4. Backgammon looks a lot like the I-shape, but it works differently than the I-shape.

Step by step, as the name suggests, is one step higher than one step, a bit like a ladder. The length of the floor in the first row can not be too long, the length of the floor in the second row is longer than the first row, and the third row is in the second row. Long, and so on. But the length of each section is equal, so that you can make a step-by-step effect, and also minimize loss.

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