Floor heating, the best choice for healthy living environment

Nowadays, floor heating has become one of the most popular heating methods, which is in line with the health theory of "warming feet and cooling at the top" of traditional Chinese medicine. With its unparalleled comfort, it has already entered thousands of families. It is a symbol of high-quality life and is deeply favored and selected by many families. Many people are still struggling. Is it good to install floor heating in a house with spc floors? Or tile? Let me say, it's good to lay spc floor. The floor has a good constant temperature, the whole house will not be hot or cold, and the foot feel is more comfortable.


Generally speaking, the floor heating paved spc floor, especially the helahty spc  floor heating specially designed for floor heating, is better than the paved ceramic tile in terms of comfort and appearance, and the room looks more high-end. Of course, this varies from person to person, and personal preferences and aesthetics are different. When it comes to floor heating, I believe many people associate it with the warmth and comfort at home at the first time. In winter, floor heating can make you walk on the floor barefoot and feel the temperature transmitted by the floor heating. Sometimes, a family gets together, drink tea and chats about family life. Think about the wonderful scene.



Floor heating, good stability is fundamental! The floor heating environment has very high requirements for the stability of the floor due to the sharp temperature and humidity changes when opening and closing, as well as the high-temperature "baking" for several months. The solid wood floor in the traditional sense is not suitable for floor heating, mainly because it can not stand the baking test


As we all know, because the thermal conductivity of ceramic tiles is greater than that of the floor, paving ceramic tiles at home will only heat up faster than the floor when the floor heating is just turned on. As the saying goes, you can't have both fish and bear's paw. When the tiles are heated quickly, the heat dissipation of the tiles will be much faster than that of the floor. Unlike ceramic tiles, utop spc floor black walnut Santorini has both heat preservation and heat conduction. At the same time, it is simple and elegant. The rare logs give it a unique sense of history. The luster is natural and soft, and the mottled texture of texture is lovely. Stepping on it is like walking on silk, continuing the warmth of home and tasting high-end. Walnut color, nobility and individuality are its pronouns. The atmospheric parabola pattern, such as rivers and mountains, is very artistic


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