Flooring plan before decoration

1.the home floor is more economical than the floor tiles

The floor is the latest fashion decoration material and is cheaper than traditional floor tiles. If you want to save money on the floor, you need to consider the decoration style of your home, and choose the right floor according to the decoration style.

Floor and floor tiles find the entire decoration and maintenance process, the floor is more economical. If there is floor heating in the home, if there is a problem, the floor is removed and repaired, and then the assembly is completed. Nowadays, many floor splicing urban surface glues are free of keel. In many respects, the locking technology is used. The floor tiles are broken and re-paved, which requires re-purchase.

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2. Reasonably plan the floor covering area and purchase on demand

In order to reduce the waste of the floor during the decoration process, it is best to plan the floor area required, plus the amount of loss, in the selection, to prevent the excessive purchase of the floor and waste. Commonly used flooring methods: three-six and ninety-two. The 369's paving method is a stepped gap structure, which usually saves material and the material loss is about 3%; the one-half paving method has the largest loss, about 5% higher, but the paved ground is neat and symmetrical. The visual effect is better.

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