Flooring with lock system and flooring with flat buckle system

At present, there are two kinds of Stitching method of flooring: the flat buckle system and the lock system. The structure is as follows:

bathroom flooring

1. There are many types of lock systems, but the basic principle is to achieve a precise connection through the combination of the plates. It can realize glue-free installation and is convenient and quick to install.

2. The flat buckle system is the traditional gutter structure. They need be glued together or nailed on the wooden keel. Mostly used in traditional solid wood flooring and traditional parquet.

These two differently structured floorings have significantly different characteristics:

1. The lock flooring is easy to install and can tight connection, A piece of paper cannot be inserted between the installed floorings.

2. The lock flooring is installed without glue, more environmentally friendly, using suspended laying, The cost is low.

3. The lock flooring is not prone to gaps and flooring displacement during use.

4. In general, the price of lock flooring is slightly more expensive than the flat buckle.

5. The good lock flooring is wax-closed, which can effectively prevent deformation and prevent flooring friction.

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