Four tips to make your floor cleaner

Four tips to make your floor cleaner

       The decoration cost of the floor in the home decoration is a large proportion. Most of us will consider the spc floor.The spc floor is more durable. When it comes to durability, many owners want to know how should the floor be cleaned up to keep it durable? Let’s introduce the floor cleaning 4 small tricks today. Let’s learn together.

1. Fabric softener 

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It’s hard to drag the floor clean and want to stay longer? Just add a softener.

1) When scrubbing the floor with a mop, it is easy to generate static electricity, so it is easier to absorb dust when it is just wiped clean. Pour a small amount of fabric softener into the water of the mopping floor to reduce the friction of the mop fibers and prevent static electricity.

2) Moreover, some active agent ingredients added in the softener can form a protective film on the floor, and the floor is not easy to be ashed! It can keep the floor clean weekly!

2. Salt spc flooring

1) If there are oil stains or stains on the ground, don't rush to drag it. Sprinkle some salt on the stains on the floor, so that the oil can be absorbed by the salt. It can be easily rubbed off with a gentle rubbing with a rag.

2) The egg falls on the ground and is broken. Sprinkle with a layer of salt to cover the egg liquid. After a while, the egg liquid will solidify. Sweep away the broken egg shell and salt block, then scrub it with a damp cloth and clean it.

3) When mopping the floor, you want to let the ground dry quickly without leaving water stains, and salt can also be used for large purposes. With warm water and salt to mopping the ground, before the end of the drag, the moisture on the ground quickly evaporates, better than the use of ordinary cold water mopping.

4) Mopping the floor with salt water can also have the effect of sterilization and bacteriostasis. Whether it is wooden floor or tile floor, it can be cleaned very well. Simply dragging the floor can brighten the floor for several days.

3. Vinegar + baking soda

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1) White vinegar and baking soda are the strongest partners to deal with oil pollution. As long as there are two of them, any oil is not afraid, and the floor and tiles of the home are easily spotless.

2) Mix 30ml vinegar, 20g baking soda and 1L water evenly, then add a small amount of detergent, then scrub the floor with the mixed solution, not only can easily remove dust, but also effectively remove oil.

3) Cleaning the floor of the kitchen and dining room with this kind of cleaning agent, the effect is very remarkable. Compared with the ground that has been dragged, it can be clearly seen that the floor is bright and no longer foggy.

4. Lemon juice

floor clean

1) Niacin and organic acids in lemon juice have a strong bactericidal effect. When mopping the floor, you may wish to add some lemon juice or lemon essential oil to the water, which will have a multiplier effect.

2) You can also mix lemon juice, olive oil and water into a cleaning agent. You can use it at home for daily cleaning. It is not only fragrant, but also removes oil and dust. It has a universal cleaning. Do not worry about cleaning.

3) Use lemon juice and olive oil to clean the spc floor, which can play the role of maintaining the floor. It can prevent the floor from cracking and make the floor shine as new.

       To sum up, the above is a little trick to clean the floor. The way to wipe the floor is the same, but there is always someone who wipes the floor bright and dirty. Therefore, when doing housework, you can also learn to make the work more efficient. I hope the above content will help.

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