Golden Four Steps: Teach you to identify "returned" SPC flooring

1. Look at the color

(1) The color of the highest quality pure new material floor is beige and the color is uniform;

(2) If the mixture is used, the color is mostly gray or cyan;

(3) The color of recycled materials is mostly gray-black or black.

2. Look at the appearance

(1) The surface of the new material SPC floor is smooth, without obvious stains and clear patterns;

(2) The appearance of the recycled floor is not flat enough, and the flatness and fit of the splicing gap is not good;

3. Feel

(1) The back material of the new material SPC feels fine and moist;

(2) The hand feel of the recycled material is dry, without moisture;

4. Peel resistance

After breaking the floor, pull it hard to see if the color film layer, wear-resistant layer and UV layer on the surface are not easily separated from the base material. It is the high-quality SPC floor that is not easily separated.

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