Have you chosen the right material for the wall decoration?

The largest area except the flooring is the wall for home decoration.

There are many choices for the decoration of the wall. If it is a small apartment or a crowd with less money, it will often choose wallpaper to decorate the wall, but the texture of the wallpaper is not as comfortable as a wall panel.

The wallpaper is not dirty at all. Anything can make the original perfect wallpaper become abrupt, so there is a better decoration material on the market wall panel.

pvc wall panel

At present, there are three main types of mainstream wall panels: stone, stone plastic, and wood.

In terms of price, wood > stone > SPC;

In terms of quality, stone > SPC > wood; so the current cost-effective wall panel is SPC material.

There are two types of stone wall panel, one is SPC and the other is bamboo-wood fiber.

So how to choose them?

Because of its higher content of stone powder, SPC wall panel has better hardness and toughness and can bear more than 80kg. It is the same as other SPC products, such as SPC elevator sets, SPC lines, etc. They are all mixed by PVC+ stone powder. The advantages of SPC wall panel are environmental protection, formaldehyde-free and other pollution, the decoration can be immediately checked in, and the color is optional, which meets the nationally certified B1 fire rating, and is durable and has a card slot on the edge. It is OK to insert each board in accordance with the color and texture. It can be said that it is very convenient, and even the cost of the construction personnel is saved.

Bamboo fiber wall panel is lighter in weight, lower in price and less fireproof, but it is also zero radiation. Although it sounds like a botanical ingredient, it does not contain botanical ingredients. It is also made of PVC+ stone powder. The white part of the back is sprayed with a layer of green paint, but because the composition of the stone powder is less, its firmness is far less than that of SPC wall panel, so bamboo fiber wall panel is more suitable for ceiling decoration.

SPC wall panel and bamboo-wood fiberboard also have something in common. First of all, their size is the same, and the color is also the same. The key is that they all have a thickness, which makes us when we are decorating uneven walls. It has become very simple, and there is no need to care about the unevenness of the wall.

Let's sum up, SPC wall panel is more suitable for wall decoration, but the price is relatively more expensive, the hardness of bamboo fiber is very low, and the price is lower, so it is suitable for ceiling, if not worried Man-made damage, customers can also purchase bamboo fiber wall panels in large quantities.

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