Holiday culture of New Year's Day in different countries

Chinese New Year
The New Year's Day of modern China included it in a legal holiday according to the Chinese government and became a festival for the people of the country. One day of holidays, we often adjust the day before or after, and usually rest for three consecutive days. Modern China's celebration of New Year's Day is much less important than the Spring Festival. General agencies and enterprises will hold year -end collective celebrations, but there are very few folk activities.

Britain: One day before New Year's Day, every family must do wine in the bottle and meat in the cabinet. The British believe that without the remaining wine and meat, it will be poor in the coming year. In addition, the Britain is also popular in the New Year's "water -bearing water" customs. People strive for the first to go to the water. Those who think the first person who hit the water is a happy water.

Belgium: In Belgium, on New Year's Day, the first thing in rural areas is the New Year to the New Year. People walked around the beef, horses, sheep, dogs, cats and other animals, and they were clearly confident to these creatures: "Happy New Year!"

Germany: During the New Year's Day, every family must put on a cricket tree and horizontal tree. The leaves are full of silk flowers, indicating that the flowers are like brilliant and the spring is full of spring. The moment they came to the New Year's Eve and New Year, they climbed to the chair, and the bell rang, and they jumped off the chair and threw a heavy object behind the chair to show the disaster and jump into the New Year. There is also a new year of the "climbing of trees" in rural areas in Germany to show high steps.

France: To celebrate the New Year with wine, people have started to drink carnival from New Year's Eve, and it was not ended until January 3. The French believe that the weather on New Year's Day foreshadows a new year of the year. In the early morning of New Year's Day, they went to the streets to watch the wind: scrape the south wind, and the wind and wind are smooth. This year will be safe and hot; west wind, there is a fishing and milking harvest year; Wind is an apologies.

Italy: The New Year's Eve in Italy is a carnival night. When the night begins, thousands of people flood to the streets, ignited firecrackers and fireworks, and even shown real guns. Men and women danced until midnight. Every family cleaned up the old things and threw some of the crushed things in the room. The old pots, bottles and cans were all thrown out of the door, indicating that they would remove doom and troubles.

Switzerland: Swiss has the habit of fitness on New Year's Day. Some of them go to climb the mountain, stand on the top of the mountain to face the ice and snow, and sing a good life loudly; The road of happiness; some held a stilt competition, men and women, old and young, and wish each other health. They greeted the new year with fitness.

Romania: On the eve of New Year's Day, people erected a tall Christmas tree on the square and set up a stage. The citizens sang and danced while burning fireworks. Rural people hold wood plows, and various colorful flowers are decorated on it to celebrate the New Year.

Bulgaria: When dining on New Year's Day, who sneezes will bring happiness to the whole family. The owner will give him the first sheep, cow or horse horse to wish him happiness to the whole family.

Greece: On New Year's Day, every family must make a big cake with a silver coin inside. The owner cut the cake several pieces to his family or visiting relatives and friends. Whoever eats the cake with silver coins has become the luckiest person in the New Year, and everyone congratulates him.

Spain: On the eve of New Year's Day, all family members are reunited to celebrate with music and games. At midnight, the bell at 12 o'clock began to knock on the first sound, and everyone rushed to eat grapes. If you can eat 12 bells, it symbolizes everything every month in the new year.

Denmark: On the eve of New Year's Day, every family must collect the crushed cup and plate fragments. When the night is quiet, it is secretly sent to the door of a friend's house. On the morning of New Year's Day, if there are more fragments stacked in front of the door, the more friends in his family, the lucky in the new year

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