How about spc herringbone floor?

In addition to the large area, there are many details that can make the home show the effect of the style. The floor is an important part of the home decoration, and its choice can directly affect the Aesthetics and comfort of the whole home environment. Choose a large-size herringbone floor, high-energy interpretation of floor aesthetics!

UTOP series of herringbone floor, with impressive 1082x162x12mm large size design, suitable for laying in a larger room, can ensure the complete relaxation of the floor texture, the infinitely extended space visual effect is large and not empty, the performance style.

spc flooring
In addition to the unparalleled size advantage, the Herringbone series of herringbone floor tiles are as close as possible to nature, creating an atmosphere of natural home atmosphere, each floor is unique, just like the natural world, showing a 100% natural impression.
The seam is evenly spaced to ensure air flow inside the product and minimize the risk of the floor.
Each piece of UTOP flooring under your feet, using only the healthiest natural ingredients for your quality products, is only to create the healthiest indoor environment for you and your family.

spc herringbone floor

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