How does the utop spc floor differ from other spc floors

The SPC stone plastic flooring on the market is complicated due to the lack of industry standard varieties, and the quality is uneven. UTOP flooring must be produced in accordance with the standard of stone wood plastic flooring group of Stone Wood Plastic Branch of China Forest Products Association (T/CNFPIA 3004-2019).

1. Upgrading of raw materials

More stable product performance

The proportion of calcium carbonate powder in spc floor is high, and the product stability is better; PVC resin powder adopts 100% brand new material, and the extruded spc floor substrate is pure and transparent.

2. Combination of hardness and softness

The spc floor is added with toughening agent and lubricating processing modifier, so that the base material has better rigidity and also has a certain toughness. It also increases the extensibility and compactness of the melt, so that the extruded base material is not loose, and the surface is more smooth and not rough. Spc floor is not afraid of cold and hot.

3. Upgrading of color fastness to light

High quality wear-resistant layer and color film layer. It does not fade, and the light fastness of spc flooring is higher, reaching level 6, and it does not change color under high temperature exposure.

4. UV antibacterial performance upgrade

It is more healthy to resist bacteria, easily resists eight daily stains, and leaves no trace after wiping. The surface is equipped with an antibacterial layer, which can inhibit Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, etc., and create a healthy residence.

5. Peel strength upgrade

The surface is stable and not easy to peel off, the peeling strength of spc floor surface is greater than or equal to 100N, and the national standard is 75N, with better stability

6. Applicable floor heating

The high heat property is good for heat preservation and energy conservation, and the spc floor can be suitable for floor heating, heat preservation and energy conservation, without releasing harmful gases.

7. Anti slip upgrade

R10 anti-skid when wet. The spc floor is not only comfortable for feet, but its surface is treated with a unique anti-skid technology, which can not only increase the texture of the floor surface, make the surface form a natural texture or concave convex feeling, but also help to improve the anti-skid effect of the floor. The anti-skid coefficient reaches R10

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