How is SPC floor better than wood floor?

Now that there are more and more floors, the choice will become a problem, and sometimes it is time to try new materials...

New home decoration needs to be laid on the ground, and wood floors and ceramic tiles have become the main two materials. But do I have to choose one of the two? In fact, it is not. If you re-decorate, you can choose this new material, spc floor, which has a wooden floor texture, wear-resistant and environmentally friendly, and does not require much maintenance in the later period, which is convenient and saves money.

spc flooring

It can be seen that the whole appearance and texture of spc floor is very similar to wood floor. But the difference is that the wood floor is made of MDF substrate + glue as raw materials, while the spc floor is made of calcium powder + polyvinyl chloride. Without glue and formaldehyde, spc flooring is much more environmentally friendly.

spc flooring

The spc floor is mainly composed of 5 layers, and each layer has the function of each layer. When combined, the spc floor has the advantages that the wooden floor is difficult to have. A comparison can be made below:
※ Relatively thin

spc flooring
Although the spc floor is compressed by 5 layers, its thickness is only about 4mm~6mm, while the composite wood floor basically reaches 1.5cm.
※Abrasion resistance is several times that of wooden floor

spc flooring
The production process of spc floor includes a layer of "wear-resistant layer". After our engineers conducted some tests, they found that the abrasion resistance of spc floor is several times that of ordinary wooden floor. It is also suitable for places such as the living room where you often go in and out.
※Waterproof, suitable for use in toilets

spc flooring
Poor waterproofness has always been a shortcoming of wooden flooring, and it is basically scrapped as soon as it is soaked. The water resistance of spc floor is much better. Its surface has been treated with a special process. There are no pores and no water can penetrate. Even if it is laid in the bathroom, it is no problem.
※ Fast heat conduction, optional floor heating

spc flooring
Anyone who knows it a little is clear, most of the wood floors can no longer be covered with floor heating after they have been paved. This is the biggest bug for northern families. The raw material of spc floor contains calcium powder, which can speed up heat conduction, and it will not volatilize some toxic gases.
If you want floor heating and want to have the texture of wooden flooring, it is more appropriate to choose spc flooring.
※ No maintenance is needed in the later period, which is more cost-effective and convenient

spc flooring
Wood floors are more delicate and need regular maintenance, otherwise the gloss will be much worse. The particularity of the spc floor itself requires no maintenance after the basic installation. It is convenient and also a big cost saving.
So in general, it is time to eliminate the wooden floor and replace it with a cost-effective spc floor.

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