How to choose floor for your home ?

In the final stage of hard decoration, the choice of the floor is very important. The choice of the color system of the floor determines the style trend of the overall home. The quality of the floor determines the comfort of the home. Especially for families with children, the floor is a key point. After children leave the cradle, they begin to learn to climb, walk and wrestle... The floor naturally becomes the place where they contact most, and the resistance of children is generally weak. Therefore, from which dimensions should we choose the right floor for us?

 1. Environmental protection grade: the environmental protection grade shall meet the national standard.

2.Material of tree species: the floor is prone to wet expansion, dry shrinkage and other phenomena. It is suggested that when selecting wood species, we should try to select stable wood species.

3.Board surface quality: pay attention to observe whether the board surface is cracked, decayed and other defects.

4.Moisture content: the moisture content of the floor is the main factor affecting whether the floor is easy to deform. If the moisture content is too high or too low, it will easily cause the quality defects of the floor.

 5.Surface design and color: choose the floor color system of your favorite home style.

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