How to choose skirting color?

The skirting is an inconspicuous detail in the home decoration. Although it is a subtle design, the elegant and exquisite skirting design can enhance the elegance and gorgeousness of the home atmosphere, and make the decoration more level and rich. . The skirting styles are also relatively rich. The common ones are white, black, wood color and tile texture. There are different choices according to different space atmospheres. Today we will share some examples of skirting lines. Just for reference!

1.white skirting

White skirtings are made of wood, PVC and tile, which are generally suitable for some modern and elegant spaces. For example, if you choose a white room door, the overall visual sense of white baseboard will be more harmonious and natural.



2.wood color skirting

Wood color skirting are generally made of wood or PVC, like some simple log-style space collocations, or wooden doors are chosen for the wood, using wooden baseboards will make the overall visual sense more harmonious and natural.

spc skirting board skirting

Black skirtings are made of wood, stainless steel, and tile. They are usually matched with black or dark wood doors. At the same time, they are suitable for some darker floor tiles. The overall texture is more dignified and classy.

skirting line

4.tile skirting

The tile skirting is matched according to different floor tile styles, the overall effect is simple, and it can be made into a concealed type with the wall surface, and the space is more concise.


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