How to choose the best colors flooring for your home ?

1. Choose according to the style of home decoration

If your home is rustic,choose an elegant oak floor with a large pattern.In the choice of color of the spc flooring,choose a gentle color, and the floor with old marks.

2. Selected according to lighting

Since the indoor lighting determines the color of the interior floor, the color of the spc floor can be selected according to the lighting:

1) The room with good lighting is large, light color or dark color both are okay;

2) Floors with lower floors and less lighting should be use materials with higher brightness flooring,avoiding the use of darker colors.


3. According to the indoor area

The color of the floor can affect the visual effect, the cool color is the contraction color, and the warm color is the expansion color.If you choose a warm color floor, such as red sandalwood dark color,gold rubber color,red oak color,red grapefruit color will make the space look narrower and more depressed.In addition,in the choice of color,should prefer small texture or straight lines,avoid large and messy patterns.

4. Choose the floor according to the indoor function

1) Bedroom is a place to rest and relax, using warm or neutral floors to give a quiet and comfortable feeling;

2) The living room is a place for daily activities and reception of guests,so choose floors with clear and natural texture and soft colors to create a harmonious atmosphere;

3) Old and small rooms are suitable for soft, warm-toned floors.Gives a feeling of comfort and lightness.

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