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  • How to choose the correct floor for a house that wants to install floor heating?

How to choose the correct floor for a house that wants to install floor heating?

There are 3 types of mainstream flooring, laminate flooring, solid wood flooring, and spc vinyl flooring

Laminate flooring

spc flooring

The base layer is glued with wood fiber, and the surface is decorative paper + wear-resistant layer. The mainstream price is 15-30 US dollars/flat. The advantage is wear resistance and cheapness, but the environmental protection and natural texture are relatively poor. The most important thing is to soak in water. , It is easy to deform when heated, and the floor heating room cannot be used.

Pure solid wood flooring

It is made of a whole piece of wood. The main factor affecting environmental protection and texture is lacquer. The mainstream price is 61~153 US dollars/flat. However, due to the utilization and cost of solid wood, the specifications are usually small, with a length of 600~900mm. Most of the small boards are 90~125mm, and the laying effect is fine and not enough. It is also easy to deform when heated, so it is not suitable for use in underfloor heating rooms. The mainstream solid wood floor has a heavier paint surface, which suppresses the original wood feel. The color will also be lightened.

vinyl floor

spc vinyl flooring

Unlike other floors, the material of spc floor is not wood, but it has the texture of wood, and this kind of spc floor is fireproof and waterproof, non-spontaneous, and has very good thermal conductivity. It is very suitable for use in rooms with floor heating.

waterproof flooring

1. The appearance of spc vinyl flooring

Depending on the texture of the surface layer, we have hundreds of color sample books, and can also help you customize the color. Whether it is wood grain, marble grain, floor grain or other, we can help you customize the color.

2. Durability of spc floor

The main factors affecting the durability of spc floor are the number of wear-resistant layers and the thickness of the surface layer. The more layers, the better the stability of the floor and the more resistant to deformation.

3. Environmental protection

Some people rely on their noses to smell the pungent smell, but in fact formaldehyde is odorless. On the contrary, our spc floor does not contain formaldehyde and other harmful gases, which is completely environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

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