How to choose the floor of the bedroom?

The bedroom is a very important living space in our life. Whether the layout of the bedroom is reasonable will affect the quality of people's rest, then affecting people's life, work and study. So how should the bedroom be designed when it is renovated?

The bedroom is the place to rest, quiet is the most important, so its soundproof should be good, the door is best to use opaque materials. A large amount of clothing and bedding are also generally required to be placed in the bedroom, so the storage space should be considered when decorating. It is best to have bedside tables on both sides of the bed for placing desk lamps, alarm clocks and other things that you can get at your fingertips. The position of the dressing table and desk is also a consideration.

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From the decoration style, the bedroom is simple and generous, because the bedroom is a private space, the main function is to sleep and rest, generally not open to the guests. The lighting of the bedroom should be exquisite. It is best to use soft lighting in warm colors. In addition to the main light source, there should be a table lamp or a wall lamp.

So how do you choose the floor of the bedroom? Research shows that people spend half of their time in the bedroom. The quality of the bedroom environment is not only related to people's sleep quality, but also directly affects people's health. So, the bedroom flooring must be eco-friendly and non-polluting materials; space For small or poorly lit bedrooms, you can choose a light-colored floor that will make the space look bigger and brighter.

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The main layout and material of the master bedroom are characterized by sound insulation and comfort. Since the main bedroom space is relatively large, the choice of the flooring can be determined by the style; the bedroom of the old man or the child can choose a warm color flooring, which makes people feel light and comfortable.

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