How to choose the integrated wall panel?

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Integrated wall panel is a new type of wall decoration material, which has great advantages. It is not only environmentally friendly, but its installation is also very simple and fast. It can be installed directly on the blank wall, and the bamboo wood fiber wall panel is the kind of integrated wall panel.

First, is bamboo wood fiber wall panel easy to use?

Bamboo wood fiber wall panel is mainly made of high temperature extrusion of wood fiber, sawdust, bamboo chips and other bio-fibers. It avoids the use of glue in all processes of production, which ensures its environmental protection and no harm. Formaldehyde in the human body exists. Abandon the drawbacks of home decoration pollution, cumbersome procedures.

Bamboo wood fiber wall panel not only has the decorative effect of wallpaper, paint and other materials, but also has various colors and patterns, and the surface has a concave and convex feeling, showing a better three-dimensional feeling, which can be said to be a substitute for wallpaper and paint products. The plate also combines the characteristics of both wood and plastic materials, and eliminates the defects of both of them. It is a good substitute for logs, plastics, aluminum alloys, etc., and is widely used.

Bamboo wood fiber wall panel performance is also very diverse, there are wood series, marble series, wallpaper series, etc., shaping different styles of appearance, very beautiful. Different patterns and color combinations provide more personalized choices for interior decoration, creating a very good visual effect.

This kind of sheet not only has a very good appearance, but also has the characteristics of high strength, light weight, moisture resistance, flame retardancy, anti-mite, anti-corrosion, and durability. It is precisely because of so many good performances that it is highly respected in the market. It is the most suitable material for the whole house. It leads the trend of fashion, environmental protection and green home.

Bamboo wood fiber wall panel can be installed according to your own preferences, mainly in vertical, horizontal and diagonal installations, and different styles of products can also be mixed and used. It has strong processability, can be sawed, nailed, planed, etc., and does not require surface painting. It can be used after installation.

Second, how to choose bamboo wood fiber wall panel?

1. When buying bamboo wood fiber wall panel, you can smell the taste of the nose near the plate. If you smell the delicate bamboo wood taste, it is authentic. Ignition to burn, there is a smell of bamboo, resin, etc., is also a genuine, if there is a smell, it is a poor quality counterfeit.

2, high-quality bamboo wood fiber wall panel has a beige color performance, there will be no black particles in the incision. Generally, there is no product material for these performances, which is not good.

3, you can also use the weight of your hand to determine whether it is the weight of normal bamboo wood fiber wall panel material, calcium powder will be heavier, and foaming will be lighter.

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