How to choose the skirting board?

pvc skirting board

The main two roles of the skirting board

1. Protect the wall surface clean. At the bottom of the wall, it is easy to be kicked by the shoes; or it is touched by the legs and legs of the chair; it is easy to be soiled by the mop when mopping the floor.

2. Squeeze the floor or tile gap. When the floor is laid to the wall root, there will be gaps. In order to prevent thermal expansion and contraction, another role of the skirting board is to press these gaps, otherwise it will look ugly.

Can the skirting board not be installed?

1. Some people don't like the skirting board, but they can't install it, so the ground material is solved by the layering of the wall.

2. Some walls themselves use tiles or walls on the floor, so there is no need to skirting board.

3. Some people don't like the skirting board to protrude from the wall. A special technique is to slot the wall and insert the baseboard into the wall. The advantage is that it is more refreshing, and all the furniture can be placed against the wall. The downside is that labor is expensive.

Skirting board highly selective

To be honest, there is no hard standard for the height of the baseboard. It is purely personal preference, generally 7-10 cm in height; but some large houses, high-rise, also useful 12-15 cm; nowadays it is extremely simple. The style, also with a small skirting board of 3-6 cm, looks pretty.

Material selection for the baseboard. Commonly used are solid wood, ceramic tile, wood plastic, PVC, stone, stainless steel, glass, aluminum alloy, etc. The main consideration is the cleaning problem, on the one hand, the strength is sufficient.

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