How to convert anxiety during epidemic ?

1.Understand the correct knowledge and take the initiative to understand the relevant knowledge from the official channel, take a mask when go out, and take the initiative to prevent it. Ease your emotions by talking to family friends and professionals or asking for help.

2.Distract attention such as listening to music, watching TV, reading books, indoor sports, etc., find some leisure and entertainment methods that can adjust your mood, read information with positive emotions, thus helping yourself to eliminate those panic, depression, and anxiety that may occur mood.

3.Maintain a normal daily schedule and work as much as possible to maintain a normal daily schedule and schedule, as far as possible to maintain the stability and regularity of life, formulate schedules of daily schedules, and strive to make yourself a full and meaningful.

4.Reduce the psychological burden caused by excessive information. Try to control the time you receive relevant information every day, pay attention to the news published by authoritative media, and actively filter the false news from various channels.Pay attention to emotions, be 5.proactive, be optimistic, and respect reality. When emotions come, we can perceive our emotions and our own body feelings, brain thoughts at the moment, and tell ourselves that I am a little anxious now, but not immersed in emotions, I can tell myself every day: "I ca n’t let anxiety and nervousness account for Upper hand ".

6.Maintain communication with the outside world.

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