How to deal with bulging and scratches on the pvc floor?

How to deal with bulging and scratches on the pvc floor?

In the process of using pvc flooring, if it is not properly maintained, or is often in a place with a very large flow of people, it will be prone to bulging, scratches and other problems over time.

It is not terrible to have problems, as long as the repair is reasonable, you can restore the original.

The bulging of pvc floor is mostly caused by the long-term watering of the floor. If you do not pay attention to the daily cleaning of the floor, the cleaning agent, water and glue are easy to react, resulting in degumming of the floor. A large amount of water, especially hot water, should not be used for towing and washing. When ink, soup, oil, etc. leave stains on the pvc floor, you can generally wipe it with dilute soapy water. If it is not clean, you can also wipe it gently with a small amount of gasoline until the stain is removed.

Therefore, in order to avoid the problem of deformation of the pvc floor, it should be based on prevention! Because the PVC floor of the deformed bulging is difficult to return to the original, it is generally only solved by replacing the deformed part of the bulging.

spc Flooring

Another common problem with pvc flooring during use is scratches. The cause of the scratches is mostly the grit on the floor surface, so it is necessary to place the floor mat at the entrance of the paved pvc floor.

When the floor is scratched, it is usually divided into two situations to repair:

1.the same quality of the pvc floor scratches, can be smoothed with a sander, and then waxed water to restore light as new.

2.The multi-layer composite plastic floor is scratched, and the scratched part can be cut and replaced with new materials. Or treat the scratched part by the method of mosaic.

If pvc flooring has problems during use, and it is often caused by improper use, it is very important to do the following:
◆  Precautions
◆ Avoid pollutants
◆ Avoid sharp objects and hard objects
◆ Avoid flooding
◆ Avoid burning and burns

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