How to distinguish the quality of spc wallboard?

With the continuous development of economy, people have higher and higher requirements for decoration. The appearance of spc wall panels makes decoration more environmentally friendly, saving time and effort! The advantages of spc wallboard are: zero formaldehyde, heat insulation, heat insulation, fire protection, super hardness, moisture resistance, easy scrubbing without deformation, fashion and bright. However, at present, bad quality spc wallboards are mixed in the market. How should one distinguish real spc wallboards? Here is a brief analysis for everyone:

1. Let us first understand the composition of the spc wallboard. The spc wallboard is mainly made of bamboo fiber , spar powder and PVC into nano-powder material, and the polymer film is applied by a laminating device to the hot-pressed synthetic film at one time under advanced vacuum technology. 

2. Smell the spc wallboard, it will emit a light fragrance. When igniting, the real bamboo and wood fiber integrated wallboard will emit the smell of resin and bamboo wood burning. Take the board away, the burning flame will naturally extinguish, and the inferior board will have a scorching smell of plastic. Remove the board and continue to burn Does not go out.

3. The color of the bottom plate of the real spc wallboard is usually beige or white, the cut is neat and tight, there is no miscellaneous materials, and the cut of the poor quality plate is usually loose, with black spots.

4. A good characteristic of good spc wallboard is waterproof and antiseptic. Cut a small sample into the water or sprinkle water on the surface of the board. The water will not infiltrate the board. If it is soaked in the water for a long time, the surface film will not fall off. Long time immersion, easy to peel.

The above four steps can basically identify the real spc wallboard, I hope that the analysis of the editor can help consumers! If you have any ideas, please actively speak in the message area.

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