Selling the perfect SPC Flooring is the utmost obligation of the seller, but choosing an ideal one for home should lie with every buyer. This post will walk you through top 5 most relevant questions that you should be able to answer before deciding on your home companion, so as not to pay extra for the quality you wish for.

1. How to prepare before installation?

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2. Which type of SPC flooring best fits my house?

As you know SPC flooring comes in different types and styles. Therefore, you should take into consideration the functionality and visual appearance or seek for professional advices before making your decision.

3. Can you install SPC on your own?

UTOP SPC Flooring is famous for its DIY feature, however, some SPC flooring does not support such that installation and you will have to engage with professional installer.

4. Will SPC flooring affects indoor air quality (IAQ)?

This is very much depends on the brand of SPC flooring that you purchase, especially with low quality flooring. UTOP SPC FLooring has been certified by CE,SGS, Floor&Score to have no formaldehyde and low chemical emission, ensuring customer's health.

5. How to look after SPC Flooring?

Taking care and maintaining SPC flooring is pretty simple and straightforward. Just make sure that you have a regular routine on basic cleaning like sweeping and damp mopping. However, it is still best for you to learn about the tips here before you make any mistakes.

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